I try to package different version of shinken and I meet régiluièrement problems that go from simple problem file permissions to code that does not compile (see https://github.com/naparuba/shinken/issues/572).

I would like a test phase more important to avoid this type of error and i believe the final version came out too quickly compared to the RC

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Le 05/09/2012 20:56, Hartmut Goebel a écrit :
xkilina wrot in https://github.com/naparuba/shinken/pull/567:

Well, we should aim to have everything ready by friday. So come monday
morning, new users can download 1.2.1 and get cooking. After that 1.2.2
for whatever comes out of next week or the two weeks after that…

Which is why we need to have the discussion about stable versus dev.
Here is my opinion:

First of all you need to decide whether then 1.2.x-releases should be
bug-fixes only or also contain other changes.

After this I recommend having a look at
<http://nvie.com/posts/a-successful-git-branching-model/>. I have
learned a lot of it and am using this model for my projects. I recommend
using this model (or a slightly adopted version).