Here are the proposed changes from less to more controversial:

  1. Default logging level set to INFO instead of NOTSET which equates to DEBUG in reality.
  2. Default logging level of all INI files set to WARNING.
    1. When there is a problem, users usually have a tracefile output, so having the info level log doesn't make much difference.
  3. Create a new logging class GENERAL, which would be set at 35, between warning and error
    1. This logging class would serve to announce low volume general interest information. Ex. Daemon X start, Module X loaded, Arbiter loaded configuration. System operation, etc.
    2. This would serve to make warning and error level useful and with basic markers as to the health of the system. (Running yes or no)
    3. Info level has too much information and Warning or Error have no context currently
    4. Some info type messages would be converted to these general interest log messages.
  4. Scripted change to add the name of the .py file at the start of all logger.level("[Python-file-name] Message")
    1. This would not change or replace messages that already have [something-or-other] in brackets at the start of the message.
    2. Why? This will make it easier to enable debugging, and filter out messages with a few simple filters, keeping only interesting stuff. Debug has way too much information that can<t be filtered today.

What do you think. Any concerns about things breaking because of this.

Thank you,