Yeah, its really a good idea. I am also for it.
Jean could you please found a organization for that. This could be a good place for packs. 

Am 15.04.2013 um 16:53 schrieb Jean-François BUTKIEWICZ <>:



I think that it's a great thing to special packs which have the same targets (like windows ;-)  )  but from particular host. Like windows shinken hosts and check_ping which is working well on linux but not on windows (i am talking about the shinken installation host). In this case, i could create a windows pack for shinken windows hosts
Maybe with other systems (like smartphones or tablet), it will be great to create / upgrade packs from a common source and fork to specific values without changing the shinken core...


And if a simple mechanism may permit a legacy during the user choice of packs (like windows new - only the check_command and one or two other specific commands - inherits windows generic - all the other windows standard commands), i will be great ;-)


Jean-François BUTKIEWICZ
Consultant VEOSOFT (groupe VEONERGIE)

De: "nap" <>
Envoyé: Lundi 15 Avril 2013 17:00:28
Objet: [Shinken-devel] Give packs their own repo?

I was wondering if it can be a good thing to export current packs available in their own repos, and give a simple way to get them when we install Shinken.
I think exporting them to N small repo can help to get more contribution on them, and even more variation/forks for special cases. It's a bit the idea like, but far more simple (it's just a repository for clone), and can push idea to others than they can also create a pack, it's very easy, and their don't need to clone 100K+ lines of the shinken repo for just add a new pack.

I think we can focus on finish the current features for the next version, like modulations and architecture things, but this can be a good thing to work on for the 1.6 release.
What do you think about this?


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