It will be ok for me, just send a mail when the date is fixed to let us prepare the travel...
I will not be a great help, but i plan to let grow shinken in the windows world - i know, il will hurt the linux part of shinken's gurus - the 99% of shinken users in fact.. But conquer Windows will help to have a real great systems monitoring. So we may act to accelerate the rollout of shinken in small companies where linux is not uses as it should ;-)

Jean-François BUTKIEWICZ
Consultant VEOSOFT (groupe VEONERGIE)

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Envoyé: Mardi 21 Janvier 2014 20:47:11
Objet: Re: [Shinken-devel] Shinken meeting Rhine-Neckar Area

the next days I will check out the Cafe/Bar and ask about a possible table reservation. 

I would prefer the 20.03.14 at  6pm or 7pm. I think a 2-3 hours for the first meeting would be enough for the first time. What do you think about it?

Everybody with every skill is welcome. If someone has additional ideas for the first meeting, please drop me some lines.


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