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AiO Free Quest Subtitles Editor v2.1 released

The AiO Free Quest Subtitles Editor v2.1 was released.

Change log:

- Powerful and optimized Multi-Translation feature. Entierly rewritten from scratch.
- Many contextuals features (in files list view, in subtitles view...).
- A combobox to select a previous selected path in the scan directory window
- A "true" About Box...
- Hints for each menu items...

- Some code has been changed in the hacking method. The hacking method implemented now sould be 100% secure.
- Fixed a problem with PAKS files from Shenmue 1 (the game was freezed). (this was fixed by the first fix in this list)
- Chars list modification for Shenmue 1 and Shenmue 2 aren't the same. Fixed.
- Problem when importing subtitles from XML files (the CR caracter was encoded!)
- Fixed the "Save as..." feature.
- Fixed the application state feature (you know the "Ready" label in the
bottom of the window).
- Fixed some "graphical" problems.
- You can now open several files (instead of one) when using the "Open files" option.
- Menu items was redesigned.
- Some heavy actions was multi-threaded.
- Too many things fixed to be listed here. The application is ready to become the FINAL one!

Posted by SiZiOUS 2009-08-29

New Cinematics Subtitles Editor v1.1 released!

Cinematics Subtitles Editor v1.1 has been released. The most important added feature is the built-in Subtitles Previewer.

Enjoy !

Posted by SiZiOUS 2009-04-08

AiO Free Quest Subtitles Editor v2.0 released !

New release of the Shenmue II Free Quest Editor renamed to Shenmue AiO Free Quest Subtitles Editor.

- Added the support for Shenmue I and What's Shenmue.
- Added NPC gender & "age" (child / adult) to help translating (Thanks Shendream for Shenmue II).
- Added faces screenshots (Thanks Shendreams).
- Added the Subtitles Previewer (beta version).
- Added mass import/export subtitles.
- Added a file properties dialog.
- Added much and much little tweaks things.... read more

Posted by SiZiOUS 2009-04-01

IDX Creator v2.2 released.

New release of IDX Creator. This's the version 2.2.

- Fixing bugs in "IDX Creator" (Win32 GUI version) when handling incorrect AFS files.
- Fixing bugs and adding Shenmue I IDX creation support to IDX Maker (Console version). Thanks to Manic for this.
- FamilyGuy batches files are included too.

Posted by SiZiOUS 2009-03-21

IDX Creator v2.1 released

IDX Creator v2.1 was released. "IDX Creator for Shenmue" and "IDX Creator" (for Shenmue II) merged in the same application: "IDX Creator".

Added the console version (v1.0, based on the new core v2.1 form "IDX Creator") (only for Shenmue II at this time sorry).

Posted by SiZiOUS 2009-03-17

AFS Utils v2.1 released

AFS Utils v2.1 was released. It allow you to mass create AFS files.

Posted by SiZiOUS 2009-03-17

Free Quest Subtitles Editor available!

The subtitles editor for the NPC of Shenmue 2 is now available as «Shenmue II Free Quest Subtitles Editor». Source code is on the SVN repository.

Posted by Guillaume Thibault 2008-05-30

Subtitles editor updated.

The subtitles editor for Shenmue I and II have been updated. See the notes in the download page to view the new features and all the changes.

Posted by Guillaume Thibault 2008-03-03

All sources online!

All the sources codes corresponding to the latest version of each tool are now available on the SVN repository.

Posted by Guillaume Thibault 2008-01-11

Uploading sources

I'm beginning to upload the source code to the SVN repository. Stay tuned.

Posted by Guillaume Thibault 2008-01-10

All binaries online!

I've uploaded the remaining binaries for IDX Creator and added a new version of AFS Utils. I also added a first version of Shenmue I Subtitles Editor! Have fun!

Posted by Guillaume Thibault 2007-12-15

Source code to be online soon

As soon as possible, I will upload the source code of each program to their respective SVN folder! I will also upload the remaining binaries for IDX Creator.

A new version of the subtitles editor is also on the way... just need some time to work on it.

Posted by Guillaume Thibault 2007-11-27