I am a newbie and would like to start evolution 2.8.2-2 on a win XP SP2 completely updated till yesterday.
The installation mentioned no problems. Starting Evolution(E) gave me the info that the win and evolution configurations didn't match. I tried to solve this by making the changes into the bonobo-activation-config.xml. and followed the instructions by killing the bonobo-activation-servers and restarted E again. Same problem. Anyway what do you mean with $prefix ? The same I find when editing the problem in the FAQ section where an alternative solution was suggested. And how do I export BONOBO_ACTIVATION_PATH=<your-build-prefix>/lib/bonobo/servers ? and again where do I find the build-prefix ?
I have MSVCR71.DLL installed in windows/system32 (I find this in one of the answers in the forum)
I apologize I have to put these for you simple questions but for me essential to be answered ?
Many thanks in advance for a answer by return