Missing Help File

  • Silventar

    Silventar - 2006-12-01

    The help file appears to be missing...When I press Contents under the Help menu, or press F1, nothing happens. Is the help file not included in the installer, and if not, is there a location I can download it from? And where do i stick it in my Evolution directory?

    Sorry, I am new to Evolution, and I have just installed the Evolution for Win32. I was checking out features, and clicked "Subscribe to Other User's Calendar" and nothing happend, so I went in search of the help file and was distraught to not find it. hehe!

    Any help would be HIGHLY appreciated!

    • Gesta

      Gesta - 2007-01-28

      Yes Plz, send us a link, where we can find a helpfile!!!!

      • fklab

        fklab - 2007-05-21

        I have the same Problem. Nothing happens when I press Help.
        I tried starting Evolution through the step2.cmd rather than through the evolution.cmd (is that a valid approach?). This way the MS-DOS Shell window stays open and displays the following Error when I press F1:

        (evolution-2.8:1112): Bonobo-WARNING **: Error: 'Die Hilfedateien konnten weder
        in C:\Programme\Evolution/share/gnome/help/evolution-2.8 noch in C:\Programme\Ev
        olution/share/gnome/help/evolution-2.8 gefunden werden. Bitte ³berpr³fen Sie Ihr
        e Installation.'
        (evolution-2.8:1112): Bonobo-WARNING **: Error: 'The Helpfile could neither be found in C:\Programme\Evolution/share/gnome/help/evolution-2.8 nor in C:\Programme\Ev
        olution/share/gnome/help/evolution-2.8 Please check your installation.'


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