State of Development?

  • cRoW2k

    cRoW2k - 2006-09-12

    hi, there are lots of bug . but no new release are next to be published. Can we know something about? There's a changelog ?

    • George V. Reilly

      I don't know if MarkyBob is keeping an eye on Bugzilla, but I filed a critical bug several weeks ago, which doesn't appear to have an approved fix yet. There is however a patch from Tor Lillqvist.

      Basically, a 100% repeatable crash when I try to import Thunderbird mailboxes.

    • Benjamin

      Benjamin - 2006-12-14

      Well on are newer binaries. The only prolem is you have to package them yourself (find dependcies and so on)

    • Jared

      Jared - 2006-12-14

      Are there any plans on updating the installer for version 2.8? I've been hoping for an updated version for a while! It would really be appreciated!

      • Marcos Pinto

        Marcos Pinto - 2006-12-14

        there's still quite a bit wrong and broken with evolution on win32...novell pulled the only developer actively working on porting the code, so it's gotten pretty much no attention.  i've actually tried packaging it but i couldnt get a stable enough build to release.  it's really rocky.  so to answer your question...i'm not sure :)  doesnt look good, though. 

        • Alex Earl

          Alex Earl - 2006-12-16

          I'd be willing to work on it, if I could get a good document for actually grabbing and building all the dependencies. I think a first order of business might be to create a set of good build scripts for this purpose. MarkyBob, can you develop such a document? Just a simple step by step process of what you have done to setup the build environment as well as the order in which you build the dependencies? This would make it much easier for people to help out.


          • Alex Earl

            Alex Earl - 2006-12-17

            markybob, did you build libsoup or did you grab a prebuilt binary for it? I'm not sure the prebuilt win32 binary for libsoup has ssl enabled (meaning it would fail to connect to https servers). I ran the dependency viewer on the libsoup DLL and it didn't look like it had any TLS/SSL dependencies (they may be statically linked). The size of the lib file on Linux is only 150K and on Windows it is 2MB, so that could be a possibility.


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