Evolution for windows will be great.

  • lyreman

    lyreman - 2007-09-24

    But I've repaired 15 leaks, declogged my sink 20 times, used the washine machine 100 times since the last release.

    Now I'm watching the grass evolve into the next spiritual lifeform.

    Oh, you get the message...  I'm impatient....

    • Danbo

      Danbo - 2007-09-24

      I agree. At least if someone would let us know what is going it at least give us a break from watching paint dry (which it feels like)!

    • Jerry Durand

      Jerry Durand - 2007-10-11

      I'm still waiting for a version that will install on my XP laptop.  I posted a note about the errors some time back. 

      At least it works on my Ubuntu machine.

      • DL3GBA

        DL3GBA - 2007-10-11

        For me Evolution will be a possibility only if:
        - it runs under Win AND Linux
        - profiles/personal folders can be placed to a different partition so that they can be used from Win or Linux as well (independant of what OS you are booting you have all data available)

        (I can do this with thunderbird now)


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