No support for SSL OWA

  • Ermanno Bonifazi

    We have OWA in SSL (, but the authenticate button, during account config do not recognize the URL.

    • Jason

      Jason - 2006-08-18

      I'm having a similar problem. Also using OWA with SSL. No matter what URL I enter, it says it can't connect to the server. I've tried,,, and several other URL permutations. Nothing. Any ideas on this one would be great. Thanks.

      • Paisano2k

        Paisano2k - 2006-10-28

        Has anyone found a fix for this issue?  I'm trying to get Evolution for Windows to work with a new exchange installation for a client and unable to get it to work with OWA and SSL.

    • Spuds2600

      Spuds2600 - 2006-08-18

      I want to also register my failure to connect to SSL secured OWA.  The linux version works fine, but the Windows version will not connect on or off network.

      I know there's another thread about this just below this thread.  Hopefully someone will confirm this or offer a solution... as I DO love Evolution to the point of fault. ;)


    • TheGreatOrange

      TheGreatOrange - 2006-08-30

      I'm away from my home computer right now so I can't try it myself, but has anyone tried specifing the SSL port 443 in the URL?

    • Bhavesh Patel

      Bhavesh Patel - 2006-09-23

      Im also running into the same problem.
      I tried giving but cant get that to work also as suggested by "thegreatorange".
      Anyone knows of any workaround ??

    • Roen

      Roen - 2006-12-08

      I think it may have to do with the gconf.xml file.  I'm not sure as I haven't seen the Linux equivalent yet, but I don't think it's supposed to look like the following code (note the html equivalents, displayed as >, etc).  It doesn't have my OWA yet, as it will not connect to the server.  We use SSL at the school, and it sounds like it is a common issue.  I'd really like to see this work, as we are trying to swap our school system and city over to OpenSource software as much as possible.

      <?xml version="1.0"?>
              <entry name="accounts" mtime="1165590787" type="list" ltype="string">
                      <li type="string">
                              <stringvalue>&lt;?xml version=&quot;1.0&quot;?&gt;
      &lt;account name=&quot;; uid=&quot;1165588314.3840.0@TECHSHED03&quot; enabled=&quot;true&quot;&gt;&lt;identity&gt;&lt;name&gt;Brad Brown Jr.&lt;/name&gt;&lt;addr-spec&gt;;/addr-spec&gt;&lt;reply-to&gt;;/reply-to&gt;&lt;organization&gt;Westbrook School Department&lt;/organization&gt;&lt;signature uid=&quot;&quot;/&gt;&lt;/identity&gt;&lt;source save-passwd=&quot;false&quot; keep-on-server=&quot;false&quot; auto-check=&quot;false&quot; auto-check-timeout=&quot;10&quot;&gt;&lt;url&gt;&lt;/url&gt;&lt;/source&gt;&lt;transport save-passwd=&quot;false&quot;&gt;&lt;url&gt;smtp://;use_ssl=never&lt;/url&gt;&lt;/transport&gt;&lt;drafts-folder&gt;mbox:C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/brownb/.evolution/mail/local#Drafts&lt;/drafts-folder&gt;&lt;sent-folder&gt;mbox:C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/brownb/.evolution/mail/local#Sent&lt;/sent-folder&gt;&lt;auto-cc always=&quot;false&quot;&gt;&lt;recipients&gt;&lt;/recipients&gt;&lt;/auto-cc&gt;&lt;auto-bcc always=&quot;false&quot;&gt;&lt;recipients&gt;&lt;/recipients&gt;&lt;/auto-bcc&gt;&lt;receipt-policy policy=&quot;never&quot;/&gt;&lt;pgp encrypt-to-self=&quot;false&quot; always-trust=&quot;false&quot; always-sign=&quot;false&quot; no-imip-sign=&quot;false&quot;/&gt;&lt;smime sign-default=&quot;false&quot; encrypt-default=&quot;false&quot; encrypt-to-self=&quot;false&quot;/&gt;&lt;/account&gt;
              <entry name="default_account" mtime="1165588511" type="string">
              <entry name="signatures" mtime="1165588173" type="list" ltype="string">
                      <li type="string">
                              <stringvalue>&lt;?xml version=&quot;1.0&quot;?&gt;
      &lt;signature name=&quot;Autogenerated&quot; uid=&quot;1165588173.6096.1@TECHSHED03&quot; auto=&quot;true&quot; format=&quot;text/html&quot;/&gt;

    • psikic

      psikic - 2007-01-27

      Does anyone know how to use SSL for OWA yet?

      • Alex Earl

        Alex Earl - 2007-01-28

        I have a feeling deep in my gut that libsoup is not built with SSL support, which is why OWA over SSL doesn't work. I haven't tried building libsoup WITH SSL support myself yet to test that theory though.

    • James Bland

      James Bland - 2007-02-16

      Has anyone come up with a solution for this?  Not having SSL supported makes it hard to showcase this great app to mgt.

      • Alex Earl

        Alex Earl - 2007-02-16

        I haven't looked into it deeply, but as I have said before, I suspect that libsoup is not built with SSL support.

        • Jason Hershkowitz

          Does anyone have instructions on how to create a new Libsoup for Windows that contains SSL Support? This is working in the Linux version, and should be a relatively easy update.

          • Alex Earl

            Alex Earl - 2007-03-01

            I haven't setup a mingw environment yet on windows. I assume you would just need the dependencies and run the ./configure script including SSL support. I'll look into it.

    • Danbo

      Danbo - 2007-03-27


      Have you looked into this yet?? Any progress??

    • Jason Hershkowitz

      Are there any good websites or could you post instructions on how to convert from Linux builds to Windows dll files? I have tried doing this myself in Visual C, but all my dlls are failing miserably ... If there is a good mini tutorial, I would be more than happy to give creating the libsoup w/ SSL a shot.

    • Jason Hershkowitz

      anyone have any info on how to compile Linux files into Windows DLLs? Mine are still not being done properly

    • Bhavesh Patel

      Bhavesh Patel - 2007-04-30

      I tried the latest version Evolution-2.8.2-2.msi but still running into the same problem.Can anyone give some pointers as to what could be the issue.

    • edbob

      edbob - 2007-05-09

      Anyone hear anything else about this?  I looked, but didn't see a response from markybob on this.

    • Dargo

      Dargo - 2007-05-11

      Any news on SSL support?  Would love to try dumping Outlook for Evolution at work!

      • Peter Blanchard

        Peter Blanchard - 2007-07-19

        I too am interested in the libsoup with SSL.  Any timeline for getting it out?


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