Evolution stopped working

  • Alexm

    Alexm - 2006-10-22

    I had an installation on an ASUS notebook which was working reasonably well - assembled manually from all the necessary binaries.  It stopped working abruptly and  I got the following message when trying to start: **ERROR**: file corba-object.c:line76(ORBit_register_objref):assertion failed: (obj->object_key !=NULL) aborting...
    I tried deleting all traces of that installation and using the installer to install a new copy but am getting the same message.  Running a fully patched version of Windows XP.  I also run Zone Alarm Security.  I've looked through all the program controls in Zone Alarm and also checked for obvious funny things in the task list but am completely at a loss to what to try next.

    • Matopos

      Matopos - 2007-01-04

      The same Problem at me! What can I do?

      ** ERROR **: file cobra-object.c line 76 (ORBit_register_objref):
      assertion failed: (obj->object_key !=NULL) aborting...


      Windows XP / SP2  //  AMD Athlon  1700+  //  256MB RAM
      Version:  "Evolution-2.6.2-5.msi"

      Would be nice to get some info, thanks!


      • Martin Toal

        Martin Toal - 2007-10-24

        Windows XP / SP2 // AMD Athlon 2400+ // 1GB RAM
        Version: Evolution-

        Can't think what I did different to my system to make Evolution stop working. Pity, I'd just managed to get all my data from e-mail and PIM programs copied to Evolution.

        I believe the problem is something to do with Java. I've got the latest version (standard edition 6, version 1.6.0

        Please show me that Open Source software can be used without a degree in software science!




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