VPN and exchange connection

Alex Earl
  • Alex Earl

    Alex Earl - 2006-06-20

    I was really pumped to run Evolution on Windows instead of Outlook. I can't stand Outlook. The install went well, but when it came time to setup my  account, it told me it could not connect to the server (when I pressed the Authenticate button). I can successfully browse to the OWA site from my web browser, but for some reason Evolution can't find it. Has anyone else seen this issue? I used the same settings I used to connect with Evolution on Linux at work directly connected to the network (not through VPN).


    • Brad Pitcher

      Brad Pitcher - 2006-06-20

      I had the same problem when using https://private.server.url/exchange as my url (which works fine with evolution in linux), but when I changed the url to http://private.server.url/exchange it worked (notice the s was removed for https).

      • Alex Earl

        Alex Earl - 2006-06-20

        My company only has the Exchange web running for https connections. I tried changing it to http just to see what would happen and I got the same result. I'll try it AT work while I am ON the network and see how it works.

    • Brian Casiello

      Brian Casiello - 2006-06-20

      I'm having the same problem. Neither https: nor http: works for me for evolution, only https: works for me from the web. Does the authentication support SSL?

      • Alex Earl

        Alex Earl - 2006-06-21

        The Evolution under Linux does support SSL, I have Evolution working with the same Exchange setup on Linux, but it doesn't work on Windows (the Linux version is the one that comes with Dapper Drake 2.6.1 I believe). I ran WireShark during the "Authenticate" portion of the setup and it look like it went to the server, but I'm not sure what happened in between :)

    • Joel Gray

      Joel Gray - 2006-06-20

      I'm getting the same thing, neither http nor https seem to work.  I've tried various combinations of user@domain.com domain\user domain/user Secure and Plain Text all to no avail.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Antitribu

      Antitribu - 2006-06-21

      Same thing here. VPN or no doesn't appear to make any difference to me.

      I've tried https/http and fqdn/local dns/ip.

      No joy at all, also fails seem to be very quick possibly indicating its not actually going to the server at all (server logs seem to confirm this as well)


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