jim - 2007-12-11

I had Netscape and dual boot system with windows xp and Linux using three partitions ntfs,fat32, ext3.  I share the mail by keeping them on fat32 for both systems.

i now have fedora core 8 and am trying evolution.
for Linux i can just link $home/.evolution to /home/jim/fat32/.evolution.
for windows i would like to use the same.

it seems evolution uses g_get_home_dir  to find $home
under windows it not clear to me what this searches.
set home          in windows gives.

which seems to be path used.

i tried by changing
step2.cmd with
Rem change location of home to fat32 to share
set home=E:

but this does not seem to work.

HOW DO I CHANGE POINTER to home in windows?
i can then use e:\.evolution on my fat32 partition for  both systems
Do i need to change this during installation?