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  • Juha Leppäranta

    Is there any way to force Evolution to use english? I'm using windows and my configuration is about as english speaking as it can be with a finnish keyboard (somewhat unavoidable in Finland). What if I was a foreigner and actually didn't know any finnish?

    • mikare

      mikare - 2006-09-10

      Got the same problem except in Estonia, like to have english GUI, but seems that it is ignored to change language in installation or configuration.

      Please tell us how can we change language settings in Evolution, if it can't be done please put this into wishlist for the future versions of Evolution for Win32.

      Rgds Mika

      • THG

        THG - 2007-12-08

        To set a different language in the Evolution GUI, do the following:

        Define a system variable called "Lang" (without quotes) and assign the value of your language of choice (e.g. "en-us")

        Detailed steps
          Rightclick "My Computer"
          Select "Properties"
          On Tab "Advanced", click on "Environment variables"
          In the "System variables" area, click on "New"
          Enter the "variable name": "Lang" (without quotes)
          Enter the "variable value": "en-us" (without quotes)
          Click "OK" (3 times to close all property windows)

        Exit Evolution (if it was still running)
        Restart Evolution and be happy with the new GUI language.

        hope this is helpfull

    • Sacha

      Sacha - 2006-11-28

      I have the same problem (Japanese OS): I solved it by deleting all the files in the lib\locale directory.  Now, Evolution seems to run fine in English.



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