Evolution 2.8.2-2 install problem on XP

  • Jerry Durand

    Jerry Durand - 2007-09-06

    I having trouble installing Evolution on a new system (Dell Volstro 1000, AMD processor, 512MB RAM, XP Home).  Install Shield runs fine for a while, but then pops up:

             Error 2908: Could not register component

    followed by a hex key.  I tried RETRY and Ignore.  On ignore, the key changes to a different number, but that's it.

    • srgg

      srgg - 2007-12-18

      I've got problem too.
      When I run StartX.exe, appear alert "StartX, No parameters specified. For a complete description of the command line parameters StartX accepts, click 'Help'". Then I click "Help", but I get other alert: "Filed to startup the Help documentation. Please make sure you have a web browser installed and correctly configured,"...
      Can anybody help me?

    • Allan Higdon

      Allan Higdon - 2008-01-10

      Running Startx.exe is not the way to do it. You should have looked in Start Menu/Programs for a folder called "Markybob" and then "Evolution". "Launch Evolution" is what you run. Be sure to give it at least a minute for the window to display.


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