handsofstone - 2007-04-16

When I first ran Evolution on my XP SP2, I found the same apparent problems ... Inbox folder showed there were messages yet the message pane was blank. Also, when I switched over to view a calendar (month, week, day), all that was present was the task and memo pane ... no calendar.

What I learned was that each of the views are simply compressed. Look for the bar that divides each of the panes ... it will have the little dots near the middle ...

  ** For the Inbox pane, the bar will be at the very top of the window ... click on the bar and drag it down ... your messages will be revealed (then set the preview pane if you like - view menu).

  ** For the Calendar pane, the bar should be just to the right of the sidebar (if you have it shown - view menu) and may look like the right side of the sidbar ... look for the little dots and drag the bar to the right and the task/memo panes shrink to the right and the calendar pane appears. You'll probably have to do this with each calendar view (day, week, month).

Hope this helps!