Fix to get Evolution running

  • Mkn

    Mkn - 2007-01-17

    The problem is that the files created have system permissions when created but when Evolution tries to access them them it does so with user permissions.

    The files can be found in the C:\Documents and Settings\[your user name]\ If you look at the properties for the directories below you will notice that they have permissions for System only.

    I added permissions for me to the following directories (with files and subdirs) to get it working:


    Yours all


    • Jyg

      Jyg - 2007-03-18

      Hmmm interesting, I will look into and test, is your user a Admin or a normal User?


    • celticchrys

      celticchrys - 2007-04-26

      I'm having the same problems.  Quick flash of a command window, and nothing.

      I'm looking at the permissions for these.  I have XP Pro.  I do not seem to have all of the directories that Mikael has.  I have these, and have all user permissions for them:


      These, are simply absent:

    • clark

      clark - 2007-07-18

      New to Evolution, but I believe I am running into the same problem, although the actual particulars of the problem are not defined above.  One of my issues is the following error copied verbatim from the popup window:

      "Error while Scanning folders in "Exchange server CNPR-MAIL".

      Count not read file 'C:\DOCUME~1\CLARK~1.CTY\LOCALS~1\Temp/.exchange-clark/clark@CNPR-MAIL': Failed to open file 'C:\DOCUME~1\CLARK~1.CTY\LOCALS~1\Temp/.exchange-clark/clark@CNPR-MAIL': No such file or directory

      I also get the same error that others mention regarding the memory reference error when I close Evolution.

      Would really like to get this up and running to see if it is viable as an alternative to Microsoft Outlook, but have had little luck thus far.

      Clark in Florida........

      • Ian Leader

        Ian Leader - 2007-09-06


        I am getting the same problem:

        Error while Scanning folders in "Exchange server".

        Count not read file 'C:\DOCUME~1\ianl\LOCALS~1\Temp/.exchange-ianl/': Failed to open file 'C:\DOCUME~1\ianl\LOCALS~1\Temp/.exchange-ianl/': No such file or directory

        I am running Evolution 2.8.2 packaged by Markybob, on Windows XP pro, simple security/file permission settings. Our Exchange server in Exchange 2003 running on Windows 2003 server. A colleague used Evolution on the latest Ubunto linux build without problems. My login on my PC has administrator privilages

        I create the mentioned file C:\DOCUME~1\ianl\LOCALS~1\Temp/.exchange-ianl/ :

        Volume in drive C has no label.
        Volume Serial Number is F840-5961

        Directory of C:\DOCUME~1\ianl\LOCALS~1\Temp\.exchange-ianl

        06/09/2007  19:10    <DIR>          .
        06/09/2007  19:10    <DIR>          ..
        06/09/2007  19:10                 0
                       1 File(s)              0 bytes
                       2 Dir(s)   2,806,636,544 bytes free


        And I now get the following error:

        Error while Scanning folders in "Exchange server".

        Wrong size file 'C:\DOCUME~1\ianl\LOCALS~1\Temp/.exchange-ianl/'

        Any ideas anyone?



    • Ubba

      Ubba - 2007-09-13

      Like celticchrys wrote earlier, I am having the same problems. Quick flash of a command window, and nothing.

      I'm running XP Pro version 2002 SP2. I do not seem to have all of the directories that Mikael has. I have these, and can't find where to set permissions for them:


      Any updates on this problem?  I noticed that evolution-2.8.exe and gconfd-2.exe are running in my Processes list, but the program is not visible or accessible.  I am really looking forward to trying this program and bagging Outlook.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

      • Danbo

        Danbo - 2007-09-13

        1. Make sure you are running Windows XP SP2 (with all updates).

        2. Make sure you have administrator priveledges.

        3. Go to Tools / Folder Options in Windows Explorer and on the view tab make sure "Show Hidden Files and Folders are checked.

        4. Go to C:\Documents and Settings\(Your Username Here)\ and see if you can see all of your folders related to Evolution.

        5. All of that aside, if you have #'s 1 and 2 taken care of, Evolution should load. However you have to be patient the first time it loads, there are several programs that need to load in the background before it will start.(i.e. evolution-2.8.exe, bonobo-activation-server.exe, gconfd.exe,exchange-storage.exe, startx.exe, etc (I am sure I am not spelling these exe's 100% correctly, but at least you get the picture) This will take at least a minute. Each time after that (reboots not withstanding) evolution will load very fast (faster anyways).

        As far as replacing Outlook. I woiuld say only if you use outlook presently for POP3 or IMAP email. Even if you use POP3 or IMAP it is quite cumbersome to import you mail from outlook / Outlook Express. Thunderbird is a little easier. It is not quite there if you plan on connecting to an Exchange server. It is very buggy, prone to crashes and does not work with and exchange server using SSL.

        I am still wating though.........


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