Errors executing Evolution for Windows

  • BruceL

    BruceL - 2007-09-10

    I used the latest posted installer and then tried to launch Evolution. Got 2 error message boxes.

    First box: "An error occurred while loading or saving configuration information for Evolution. Some of your configuration settings may not work properly." I'm not sure if the Details box brought up the second box or not as there was a significant delay between the appearance of each box.

    Second box: "Evolution can not start. Your system configuration does not match your Evolution configuration. Check help for details." Checking help brings up a FAQ document at talking about modifying an XML configuration document related to a bonobo activation server service. At that point I knew I wasn't understanding something ... What am I missing in configuring Evolution?

    BTW when quitting out of the second dialog box I got an application error about a memory reference  that could not be written.

    Thanks in advance to help in getting this running.

    • Joe

      Joe - 2007-10-11

      I too get the same error. Re-boot and re-installation did not change anything. I'm using Windows Vista.
      Really, really, want to use Evolution on my Windows machines. Love it on Linux.

      • Danbo

        Danbo - 2007-10-11

        Evolution on Windows is not Written for Vista Yet. Sorry! Read Marky Bob's web page here

    • BruceL

      BruceL - 2007-10-11

      Update on situation -  Running VMWare workstation that has 2 additional virtual NICs defined. Also have wireless defined. CA Antivirus and Spysweeper installed. Shutdown CA & SS during reinstall - same results.

      Installed in VM workstation running XP fully patched. Only 1 NIC defined. Installation went fine and Evolution started just fine.

      Looked at processes in task manager in base system. A process called bonobo-activation-server.exe starts 3 times. Starts only once in virtual workstation.

      Haven't found documentation that describes how Evolution is supposed to work.

      Can someone please help me find a solution or some documentation to help me further?

      • grogmaster

        grogmaster - 2007-10-12

        I am seeing the same behavior.  Here is the message I'm getting in the command line:

        (evolution-2.8:5764): Bonobo-Activation-WARNING **: Failed to register Bonobo::ActivationClient

        (evolution-2.8:5764): e-utils-WARNING **: No parent set, or default parent available for error dialog

        and then it shows me those two dialogs.

        • grogmaster

          grogmaster - 2007-10-12

          More Info:

          I am running Windows XP 64-bit, and have multiple network connections defined, one is NIC, one is 1394, two are for VMWare bridged networking.

          the line before the error messages listed above: CalDAV Eplugin starting up ...

    • Mark

      Mark - 2008-01-16


      Same error as grogmaster, but running on Win2K.  I read through the bonobo-activation-config.xml file and thought perhaps the lack on an <item> that pointed to the servers was the problem. I tried adding

      <item>c:\Program Files\Evolution\lib\bonobo\servers\&lt;/item>

      but it didn't work.  I wondered if the space in the path was the problem, so I tried single quotes, but it didn't work.  Then I tried moving the whole installation to C:\Evolution to remove the space, but that didn't work either.
      ANyone got any other ideas?


    • Anubis ZathaelDeRais


      Don't know if this help's with the disccusion at all. But I'm running on Vista, and looking at other threads where it's not working on XP, it seems to be a couple of directories missing under documents and settings.

      Namely -

      with .evolution & .camel_certs missing.

      What I am thinking is, is the problem something to do with the way XP handles the documents and settings section with regards to securities.

      As I know with XP it's securities changed from 2000, and Vista has gone into ultimate lockdown with securities.

      Don't know if this'll help with anything. I'm personally still tinkering with compatibility settings and other various things in the hope to get it working.

      • Danbo

        Danbo - 2008-02-19

        I wouldn't worry too much about evolution on windows. It seems pretty obvious that it is a dead project. If you want something similar to Outlook running on Windows. Why don't you try thunderbird (using an IMAP server) with the lightning plugin for caledaring and the kolab plugin which allows you to snchronize your tasks, addressbook and calendar between multiple installations. It will run on Vista and you won't have to tinker with missing directories and security issues.


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