help a newbie!!

  • Retroactiv

    Retroactiv - 2006-07-11

    Hi guys,

    Please help with two things regarding Evo for Win:
    1. How can I install Evo in English - it detects that I am also using Romanian on my computer and it install everything in Romanian. Or how can I switch ?

    2. I want to use Evo JUST for POP3 accounts and NO Exchange server. Can I make it slim? Can I unchek things so that Evo does not load any exchange connectors, servers or any of that stuff? An therfore make it faster?



    • Nelson E. Ingersoll

      Dear Newbie,

         If you are only going to use Evolution for POP3 access to email and want it to have a small footprint, you should consider using Mozilla's Thunderbird email client.  It is far smaller than Evolution and very easy to use.

      - Nelson

      • Retroactiv

        Retroactiv - 2006-07-13

        Thanks, but I am looking for an email and pim program together and Thunderbird has nothing to do with a pim.


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