Installation problem on Windows 2000

  • Anonymous - 2006-08-09

    Hello, I've installed Evolution for windows on several Windows XP machines and everything is ok. Unfortunately my office computer run with Windows 2000 (5.00.2195 - SP4) and after installing evolution I've got the following message when I lauch Evolution :
    "Your system configuration does not match your Evolution configuration."

    Please, could you help me to solve this issue ?

    • Benjamin Long

      Benjamin Long - 2006-08-09

      I'm having the same issue on my install of windows 2000 Sp4. Any help would be appreciated.

    • BoSJo

      BoSJo - 2006-08-13

      Same here running Windows 2000 Pro SP4

      Damm shame since i want to use Exchange server account with my 2000 install.
      Using Outlook is a no go, since RPC over http is only activated on XP by M$

      Using Evolution 2.6.1 on a Ubuntu 6.06.1 install, runs like a charm (well close to a charm that is ;-) )

    • Jonah Libster

      Jonah Libster - 2006-08-15

      I am having the same problem. Did some command line debugging. does this help development resolve this on Windows 200 SP4 in any way? (see below):

      (evolution-2.6:2424): Bonbo-Activaiton-WARNING **: Failed to register Bonobo::ActivationClient

      (evolution-2.6:2424): e-utils-WARNING **: No parent set, or default parent available for error dialog

      They are just "warnings" but do they have anything to do with the problem?

    • gink

      gink - 2006-09-21

      Has there been any progress on this issue?  I am trying to install onto Windows 2000 SP4 with installer v. Evolution-2.6.2-5 and getting the same message "Your system configuration does not match your Evolution configuration."  Going to says to run bonobo-slay, but that binary is not included in the installation?

    • Mike@Syrris

      Mike@Syrris - 2006-09-22

      I have exactly the same issue on W2k SP4.  I got Evolution running OK on XPPro (SP2), though it did crash once during the first configuration.

      Any ETA on a fix?



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