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2.8.2-2 no IMAP on non standard port?

  • lundgren

    lundgren - 2007-03-10

    There is a firewall that blocks be from connecting to my IMAPs server on the standard 993 port, so I have to run on a non-standard port.

    It has been a while since I used Evolution on Linux, but I thought that it was done by specifying the IMAP server as  host:port.

    When I try and do that on the win32 client, it errors out because a subdirectory cannot contain a : in the name on Window's NTFS.   Is there another solution to this, or am I gonna continue using thunderbird on Linux and Windows for a while longer?


    • Marcos Pinto

      Marcos Pinto - 2007-03-10

      you're doing it right.  it *should* work.  don't use the SourceForge bug tracking system to report problems with Evolution on Windows. use the GNOME bug tracker and be sure to indicate clearly that you are on Windows.


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