Dai - 2007-06-26

As well as the apparently well-documented error on closing evolution (The instruction at "0x0086f478" referenced memory at "0x00000068". The memory could not be "read"), I also have three other issues.

The first is rather minor: Evolution does not play a sound when it receives new mail. I have set it to play a small wav file and it simply doesn't.

Secondly, the first time I open the program after booting my machine it takes around two whole minutes to appear. This is very annoying.

But this last one is the biggest pain: I can't get it to send any emails! I have tried two different accounts on different SMPT mail servers, both give a "Relay Not Permitted" error message and refuse to take the email. I can only assume this is an authentication issue, but Evolution will collect messages via POP from both mail servers without any problems.

Any suggestions guys would be greatly appreciated cos I really don't want to have to fall back to Outlook.