GnewUser - 2007-01-17

Several users have reported problems accessing, deleting, and moving folders. Evolution returns an error that it cannot perform the operation "blah blah directory blah" for the following reason: Permission denied.

To fix/workaround this, you need to allow users read and write access to MSVCR71.DLL in c:\windows\system32. To do this in windows XP, right click on the file, choose the security tab, and grant the requisite permissions.

If you don't see a security tab, turn off simple sharing (HOWTO ) and try again. If you have windows XP Home, you supposedly are not able to turn off simple file sharing in this way, but this may have changed in later updates as I had no problem doing so. Even so, there are howtos available that can walk you through changing permissions without disabling simple file sharing.

Question: I don't know enough about this file to know what the consequences of allowing users these permissions to this file. Any risks I should be aware of and anything I can do about them?