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  • Wharfrat

    Wharfrat - 2006-09-19

    i see that this question has been asked a couple of times but not answered     so i'll ask once again       . Can anyone help us with inporting Outlook  data files to Evolution for Windows?
    Thank you

    • ridgewood

      ridgewood - 2006-09-19

      I have tried the conversions to Eudora, T-Bird and Mozilla and generated a .sbd file. Each is successful in importing Outlook and I get a total crash when I try to import any of the files into Evo. I have also tried manipulating the folders. There may be a bug fix on the way...until then, we may be stumped.

      • fklab

        fklab - 2007-05-21

        I tried the same thing and it worked:
        I Imported Outlook-folders into Thunderbird, TB created for each outlook-email-folder two files (plus a folder.sdb in case of existing subfolders in the original outlookemailfolder) all with the name of the original outlookemailfolder. One file always has the extension .msf but I told Evolution to import the (by far bigger) file without extension as "Berkeley mbox" and it did so perfectly well.

        I found the Answer here:

        and this is from

        <b>How can I migrate my mail from Outlook to Evolution?</b>

        The solution from Novell's Evolution documentation: Another solution is to use an IMAP server as a temporary repository: - Create an IMAP account somewhere with sufficient space for all the mail that will be migrated and a comfortable transfer speed. - Open that IMAP account in Outlook. - Copy all the mail from Outlook's .pst folders to the IMAP account. The whole folder tree can move with just one drag and drop action. - Close Outlook, open Evolution. - Open the IMAP account in Evolution. - Keep the mail in the IMAP account or do whatever you want with it within Evolution.


    • zaxxon

      zaxxon - 2007-06-20

      what about importing the contacts, calender objects, memos, and tasks? can they be imported

    • zaxxon

      zaxxon - 2007-06-26

      i used
      it converts outlook information ( all folders ) in to various formats . TIP---> give your outlook a diet before you convert - it can take a long time.
      for me it worked well and i got it all in - BUT - next day when i fired it up the calender gave me an error and the tasks and memo as well, after that i couldnt get the clender or tasks any more, i imported again but it never took again.
      i think its down to malformed data in my oulook PST file ( 1.2 GB) hence my TIP.

      It seems that this version of evolution (2.8.2-2) has a few bugs - it always give me an error messege as i quit, and it hangs on me quite often... so i reckon that if u have a later version or less data it might work better.


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