Briefcase? .txt?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    So I disabled everything except for the .txt in the New menu. However, the .txt doesn't show (and it didn't before either). It's listed in the editor though. Also, Briefcase isn't listed in the editor to disable, but it appears in the menu anyways.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Okay, I found Briefcase in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT in my regedit, but the .txt file still isn't showing.

    It's got a ShellNew key, and three strings:

    (Default) REG_SZ (value not set)
    ItemName REG_EXPAND_SZ @C:\Windows\system32\notepad.exe,-470
    NullFile REG_SZ

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Aha, for anyone else who encounters this strange issue, pop open RegEdit and make sure your HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT/.txt key has these contents:

    NOTE: @ is the "(Default)" string


    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

    "Content Type"="text/plain"


    @="notepad.exe %1"



    I should also note that in my case, it was the missing key "shell" and all it's contents that made the difference in my Text Document showing correctly:


    @="notepad.exe %1"

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Also, for future reference, I am running Windows 7 Ultimate, it was a clean install, and I had not edited the Registry's .txt key before this point. Not sure how the shell key disappeared, or what caused it to be deleted. Anyways, love this program, made it really easy to remove all the riff raff.

    I now only have Folder and Text Document as options, which is all I'll EVER need.

  • einsundnull

    einsundnull - 2010-08-11

    hello nobody and thanks for this useful hint.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    How do I simply reverse the changes or remove the briefcase that popped up after disabling some items?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Fantastic utility! But why isn't the Briefcase shown as an option? I had to manually rename ShellNew for Briefcase to _ShellNew, just like the program does (for consistency).

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I did the same. I think it would be easy for the developer to add to this nifty program?

  • einsundnull

    einsundnull - 2011-01-28

    Hi all,
    Sorry for the late answer, but I will take a look at this weekend to the briefcase feature.
    Looks like its a simple mistake in my algorithm, at this time I first and only read the file extensions and than their depend entrys. Since Briefcase doesn't have an according extension, the read routine ignores it. Shame on me ^^

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    eisundnull, this is a superb little program!  Don't beat yourself up for missing the Briefcase issue.  Of course, if you are able to include the removal of Briefcase in your program, that would be just great.

    Thank you again.


  • Tom Asbury

    Tom Asbury - 2011-05-27

    I would like to echo the request of others to add a "new briefcase" option to this fine utility.

  • einsundnull

    einsundnull - 2011-05-29

    Did i miss something? The removal of briefcase should work now in last version (1.1.2).

    Edit: I've just figured out that the default download (the green button) was still 1.1.0 - i changed it to the last version now, should be done automatic, but it doesn't.


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