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First release as part of DLTK

First release of ShellEd as part of DLTK project is fact now. See for details.
This project will be closed now.

Posted by Alexander Kurtakov 2016-02-29

ShellEd 2.0.0 released

Version 2.0.0 of ShellEd is released.
See for release notes.

Posted by Alexander Kurtakov 2011-08-18

ShellEd 2.0.0 Milestone 3 is released

This release adds fixes to work with Eclipse Helios but due to the new dltk API changes it is not going to work with Galileo anymore.
Additionally a number of parser fixes are done which were preventing ShellEd working with some shell script files.
See for details.

Posted by Alexander Kurtakov 2010-07-20

ShellEd 2.0 Milestone 2 is released

Posted by Alexander Kurtakov 2010-01-22

Version 1.0.4 released

Clean up release

  • Plugin requires Java 5 now
  • Make use of the Java 5 language constructions and apis
  • Remove deprecated usage whenever possible.
  • Drop dead code.
  • Convert Eclipse-AutoStart to Bundle-ActivationPolicy
  • Drop dependency on Eclipse compatibility plugins.
  • Variable names with underscores are highlighted correctly (rhbz #474141).
  • Fix for opening workbench external file (rhbz #478304).
Posted by Alexander Kurtakov 2009-01-08