Thanks for responding to the request for help and welcome to the project.  There have been a few items that have been brought up in emails.  Some have been captured in an INSTALL.txt file that Kevin checked in a few days ago.  The other items I just wanted to share:
The production database is MySql
    - development currently uses the MSDE/ Sql Server database engine
    - future direction is to support the sqlite in development or MsAccess and include the sqlite database engine/ access format in the repository
Development environments:
    - I prefer textpad and a command line/ NAnt (
        - please direct questions/ comments and suggestions here
    - other choices are:
        - visual studio .net (if using 2002 please use ConvertToVs2002 to generate solution/ project files and report any errors here)
        - monodevelop (,
        - sharpdevelop (
Debugging with Cassini
    - if you are using you can debug with cassini by setting the Debugging mode to start the cassini web server application
Design/ architecture and direction
        - in brief there are a few artifacts that are worth looking at:
            - The user's guide: The source is checked in the repository (docbook format; doc/user-guide/user-guide.xml) or view in html format from the doc folder.
            - Database diagram is checked in, also in doc format
                - view using .fabforce diagram in docs/ with
    In general the application is pretty simple and provides the following services
        a) records staff information (names & contact information)
        b) records client information (names, contact information and eventually goals/ planning data and doctor information)
        c) provides data entry to create schedules (i.e. location/ activity information as well as mapping of client, staff, location and time)
        d) provides simple output in the form of pdf documents
    I would like to expand the reporting and data entry screens to provide a means (for Ozanam initially but hopefully this generalizes) to generate reports for quarterly/ yearly reports.  This
    will involve developing a reporting framework.  I would also like to develop some sort of a role based security system, whether this is managed by active directory or in the database
    I still have not thought that through so if you have a preference please send a message to the list and explain your position.
    Linux/ mono support is a high priority both for personal interest in open source plus I believe that Linux is a cost effective solution for agencies who would want to adopt something like this.
    Other "nice to haves" (please comment on whether they would be important to you and why):
        - il8n of the application
        - desktop/ rich client component (yes this is getting closer with mono:
        - skinning of website/ customization
If there are local agencies that you believe could benefit from using this application with "just a few modifications" I would love to hear about them.  For me this application is designed to help people who (in my opinion) tend to get just enough help to get by in our society.  If there is a chance that it might enrich their lives a bit more then that is a good thing.  Enough with the touchy/ feely stuff :-); I will roll this email into a "getting started" document and include it in the doc folder.