Hi Steve,

I've had a quick look and believe that the -D option is not currently implemented.

I think the way to implement this would be very similar to the way revision is implemented.  Namely there would be a property on WorkingDirectory to allow the date to be set.  Then each command that supports the -D option would check the WorkingDirectory to see if the date has been sent and if so send the appropriate ArgumentRequest's.  Clayton, do you agree?

The only thing I am unsure about is in the interface to set the date, should the date be passed as a DateTime object or as a string?  I currently have the same dilemma with the Log command (which can take multiple dates and pairs of dates so needs implementing seperately).  I think my preference is to take a DateTime, but I'm keen to see what others have to say about it.

Steve, Clayton if you are both busy on other things, I don't mind putting this mod in - I can put my log mod in at the same time.  The only thing is that you would probably have to wait until tomorrow (Tuesday) morning for it (I'm 8 hours behind both of you).  Also I probably wont be able to test it.  Alternatively Steve, if you want to do it yourself and need any help just let me know.


At 19:38 09/11/03 -0800, Steve Kenzell wrote:

Hello Clayton,


The only checkout options I found for the checkout command that the sharpcvslib as implemented already is d, -r, and N options.

I am in the process if implementing the d and r options at this time.  I can implement the others and the library will not process them.

If you can find the D option implementation, please tell me the file name.  I need to know which property to set in the workingDirectory object.




Steve Kenzell, MCP