Hi Everyone, I am going to be doing some work on the project website, basically removing the wiki section as it has been vandalized and in the process move some of that information to static html pages.  I know I have been answering a lot of email/ posts about how to use the library in GUI clients, I would like to include this information in the website with the hopes of maybe bringing some of these endeavors together.  If you are working on an application that uses the sharpcvslib could you send me your project/ site link and some way that you might be contacted.  I will be posting this information publicly so if you would prefer your email hidden please send your sf.net account or provide another means of contact (i.e. "I monitor the sharpcvslib list").
Also I have released a "dev" package of the library to help those of you with cvs access issues.I have done this because the release on sourceforge is a little out of date and I don't really have the time to maintain both branches.  This will eventually role into an official release which will come out when I have time to implement the sspi pieces and will basically be a "cvs snapshot" packaged up in a zip file.  If you could prefer to continue using cvs that is great, but if not then please use this.