Hi John, I see what you mean about the wiki.  I will try to get that changed today.  When I started looking into the SSPI protocol it started coming clear that it might just be better to rework the whole transportation mechanism to use .Net remoting at the same time.  Still having those words actually sitting somewhere I am having second thoughts and it may be better to first implement the SSPI protocol and then when it is working port everything over to use .Net remoting.  What do you think?  I will take a few hours today and see if I can get anything together but if not then I might have to hold off until mid January to put this in as I have another project that I need to get cleaned up.
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Any word on when sspi protocol will be supported?  I thought it already was be looking at the wiki but when I try to use it, it throws and the exception message indicates that it is unsupported.
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