Hi John,
First, great news!  I think developing as an independent solution for development would be a great idea.  If you are alright with it though I would like to get the two building together on the build server.  As far as location, /cvsroot/sharpcvslib/sharpcvslib/addin is a good location.  If you want to add a separate module though as /cvsroot/sharpcvslib/addin though that would be alright too.
Localizing the application is something that came up awhile back and there was some positive feedback on it.  There may be some trickiness on how we deal with messages from the server (i.e. lookup the localization based on the English text, etc.) but i shouldn't be that bad.  Let me know what I can do to help out with this.
Great to have you on board.
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I started working on this.  A couple of things I'd like a little feedback on since I'm a sourceforge newbie.  First, I was thinking I'd develop the add-in as in independent solution with its own build file. I was not going to check in anything until I get a marginally stable application.  I was then planning on adding a module called /cvsroot/sharpcvslib/sharpcvslib/addin in the existing solution. All my files will be in addin. 
The other thing I was thinking about doing is localizing the application so that it'll be easy to support other languages. 
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