Hi Saar,
The command line library (console application) should give an example on how to use the library.  The unit tests would be another source of examples, specifically the command unit tests (i.e. CheckoutModuleCommandTest.cs @ http://cvs.sourceforge.net/viewcvs.py/sharpcvslib/sharpcvslib/src/ICSharpCode.Tests/SharpCvsLib/Commands/CheckoutModuleCommandTest.cs has a good example if you look at the Checkout method). 
If you can post specifically what problems you are having, or even a unit test if you think you have encountered a problem then it will be easier to help you through your issue.
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I need some help (and examples) on how to work with the Lib tool. I am new to CVS and to the C#tool, and I can not get the repository to work.

Can ne1 help?


Saar Machtinger