I have been thinking about how the documentation in #cvslib is structured and wanted to solicit some feedback/ opinions.  First, what does everyone think about the www module?  Is it a good idea/ bad idea/ didn't know it was there?  I am just wondering if this should actually be included in the doc folder or if it is fine where it is.  The reason I am asking is that I am going to bundle it with the release (probably manually this time) and wondered if I should create a NAnt task to do this from now on.
Second what does everyone think about pushing any changes in here to the website during the nightly build?  I already push the API changes but it might be beneficial to automate this push as well (although as of yet I think I am the only person updating it...hint (-:)?  I am thinking if everything is in the doc folder it might be more likely to be modified. 
Either solution will work for me, let me know if you have a preference.