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  • fat-t

    fat-t - 2005-06-26

    I'm having some problems checking out modules from my cvs repository using ssh (ext). The error I'm getting is an
    AuthenticationException thrown from the ExtProtocol.cs class method: ExitShellEvent.
    I have checked that my setup is correct and
    that I can manually log in and check out a module using ssh on my cvsnt repository.

    What happens it that the console window appears and then immediately closes again, and that's when the Exit event is sent from the process and the authentication exception is thrown.

    I've tried to use the example application that comes bundled with the 0.36 release but I get the same results.

    By the way...I've only been programming c# for a couple of months and I haven't had the time to look into the log4net api, so if someone could give my some instructions on where the logs are kept or how I can append a logger for the console I would be very thankful. What I really would want to know is what the commands executed look like...or event better, some example code that shows a working example of using ssh (ext).

    All help is appreciated =)
    Thank you

    • Clayton Harbour

      Clayton Harbour - 2005-06-27

      Hi there, for ssh support the library relies on the environment variable CVS_RSH being set.  If you are using ssh then you should set this to ssh, if you are using the TortoiseCvs suite/ putty you should set this to plink.  Also if you are using the putty/ plink suite you might have to make sure that you are running pageant with your key installed test that all this is working you should be able to checkout/ update without entering your password.

      Beyond making sure that you are able to ssh into the machine you are interested in without using a password there aren't any other considerations you need to make.  There are no specific changes you need to make in your code to get ext protocol working so the examples app should work.

      Logging is setup in the [AppName.ext].config files, there is a configuration section for log4net that specifies file location, etc.  What is probably going on is the logging is set to ERROR where you most likely want to increase this to DEBUG (see: line 60).  By default the file should be output to the same folder as your binaries.

    • fat-t

      fat-t - 2005-06-27

      Hi Clayton
      Thank you very much for that quick response. I was using the ssh client provided with the openssh installation, and I did have the CVS_RSH set to ssh. I canno't yet connect without using a password but now I know what problem needs to be solved =)


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