ListCommand with the specified module

  • cvsclient

    cvsclient - 2005-01-17


    with the ListCommand, i can successfully list all the modules, as well as all the files in each module, under the root repository. however,  by struggling for a long period, i still failed to list the structure of a specified module under the root repository.

    in Dos console, i can use the following command to list the specified module, for example "temp" module:

    cvs ls -e -l -R temp

    can anyone here point out how to implement it with the ListCommand class?

    thanks in advance.


    • Clayton Harbour

      Clayton Harbour - 2005-01-17

      Hi Gary, the ListCommand object has a number of boolean properties that you would set to true if you want to send te request to the server.  For instance the EntryFormat should be set to true for your -e switch.

      • cvsclient

        cvsclient - 2005-01-18

        hi Clayton,

        i have resolved the issue by adding the following two lines inside the ListCommand.Execute() method:

        //Gary Gu - added on 2005/01/17 - starts
                    if(this.workingDirectory.ModuleName.Length > 0)
                        connection.SubmitRequest(new ArgumentRequest(this.workingDirectory.ModuleName));

                        connection.SubmitRequest(new DirectoryRequest(".",
                            workingDirectory.CvsRoot.CvsRepository +
                            "/" + this.workingDirectory.ModuleName));
                //Gary Gu - added on 2005/01/17 - ends

        just before the line of sending out the "ls" commmand:

        connection.SubmitRequest (new ListRequest());

        anyway, thanks for your help:)


        • Clayton Harbour

          Clayton Harbour - 2005-01-19

          Hi Gary, I have checked this change in (thanks!) along with a bunch of command line refactors.  I also added a listener for the list message responses which logs to the console.




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