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  • cvsclient

    cvsclient - 2005-01-12


    thanks in advance for your help.

    i am pushed to develop a cvs client based on the sharpcvslib. with this library, i can connect to the local cvsnt server without any problem. however, when i wanna checkout a module from the repository, it failed at the "expand-modules" command. only "error" was returned from the stream after the "expand-modules" command was executed.

    how should i get this error away? in my case, the cvsroot is /tech/cvs, and under the root, there is a module called cvstest. i can checkout the cvstest module successfully through the WinCvs. however, it failed with the sharpcvslib.

    have i missed something? any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.


    • Clayton Harbour

      Clayton Harbour - 2005-01-12

      Hi Gary, what version of the library are you using (i.e. just checked out of cvs, files downloaded from site, etc.)?  The CaseRequest in an earlier version causes issues with current versions of cvsnt.  Also which protocol are you using?  If you reached the expand-modules message I am not sure this is an issue.

      To increase the logging output change the log4net setting in the configuration file from ERROR level to DEBUG level.  If you are using the command line you can simply pass in -log:debug before your cvs root switch.

      You can also take a look at the examples folder, there is a GUI project there (very simple one) that will show how to "listen" to the cvs server Requests/ Responses.

      Let me know if any of those were useful.

    • cvsclient

      cvsclient - 2005-01-13

      Hi Clayton,

      thanks for your response.

      i am using the latest release version of SharpCvsLib-0.35.3721.507. the cvsnt server i am using also is the latest version of 2.0.58.

      as for the sample you menetioned, it was not included into the latest release package. in order to use the sample, i have to download the latest version of all the files individually. am i right?

      in addition, is there any working code snippet to demonstrate how to checkout files from the repository successfully?

      thanks again for your help.


      • Clayton Harbour

        Clayton Harbour - 2005-01-13

        Hi Gary, yes the example is only in cvs right now.  I don't have an estimate for a next release yet, I would like to implement sspi support before I roll something out though.

        Working code snippets would be either in the example application or in the Conosle application.  If you look at the console application focus on the CreateCommand method.




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