Problem with Checkout

  • aira

    aira - 2005-07-16

    I'm a novice to cvs and I'm trying to develop a cvs client using the SharpCvsLib. My problem is probably something trivial but I would appreciate it if you could give a hint about what could be wrong.

    I try to execute a checkout with the following commands:
    myCVSServerConnection.Connect(myWorkingDirectory, passwordstring)

    and i get the error message: "Unable to write data to the transport connection" when it tries to write to a stream, while executing a connection.SubmitRequest method. I don't know where to look for the problem, have I set something wrong in the connection? Please give me a hint as to what could produce this kind of error. It would be a great help.
    Thanks in advance

    • Clayton Harbour

      Clayton Harbour - 2005-07-17

      Hi there, it looks like the connection to the server either has not been opened or has been closed.  Causes of the second are that the server has rejected your authentication, which usually results in an AuthenticationException being thrown.

      It is also possible that there is a bug in your implementation.  If you want to compare your implementation against the console project or the example project included with the package and look for obvious differences that would probably help you out. 

      If none of that helps you then please include a small complete sample of what you are trying to do...something that you can fit into a Main method and use one csc command to compile would be awesome and we can go from there.  Thanks,



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