• r0dy

    r0dy - 2004-12-02

    Hi again

    Why does LogCommand.Execute() only check the FoldersToUpdate array ?
    And by the way, i tried to do it that way:
    wd = new WorkingDirectory(CVSRoot, wdirname, reldirname);
                    FileInfo file = new FileInfo(pathdir + "\\CVS");
                    FileInfo reposfile = new FileInfo(pathdir + "\\CVS\\Repository");
                    Folder folder = new Folder();
                    folder.Repository = Repository.Load(reposfile);
                    Entries entries = Entries.Load(file);
                    Entry entry = entries[vpath];
                    folder.Entries.Add(pathdir, entry);
                    wd.Folders.Add(pathdir, folder);
                    wd.FoldersToUpdate = new Folder[1];
                    wd.FoldersToUpdate[0] = folder;
                    cnx = new CVSServerConnection(wd);
                    cnx.Connect(wd, userpass);
                    LogCommand cmd = new LogCommand(wd, pathdir, entry);
    But cvs replies the error message:
    cvs [server aborted]: protocol error:  is not absolute

    how should i proceed, my goal here is to get the log command response (and store it into a temporary text file) for only one file (always Index.xml) ?

    • r0dy

      r0dy - 2004-12-02

      I have avoided the problem by using RLogCommand.
      It works but here again i can't manage to do the equivalent of:
      D:\Dev\CVSTest>c:\cvs-1-12-9\cvs.exe -d :pserver:cvsuser@r0dy.net:/CVSRep/ rlog Test/Index.xml
      (meaning just getting the infos for one file), but i get the whole module files infos.

    • Clayton Harbour

      Clayton Harbour - 2004-12-03

      The LogCommand only gets the revisions of local folders (or folders that exist on the client).  The rlog (remote log I believe it stands for) is to get a list of files/ revisions that exist on the server. 

      I have filed a bug report for the error in the log command.


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