Windows Support

  • Mark Micallef

    Mark Micallef - 2006-03-29


      This looks like a great product and just what we need for something we're working on right now. Is there a windows version of the server please?  We want to enable students in our university to collaborate on projects using VNC but without having to share their whole desktop.


    • Grant Wallace

      Grant Wallace - 2006-04-03

      I'm currently working on a Windows port of SharedAppVnc. I expect it to be available sometime this summer.

    • Robert

      Robert - 2007-02-27

      Whenever I try to use it in windows I get Authentication error I am using the correct password

    • Norbert

      Norbert - 2007-10-14

      For testing, I am using a Vista system as the server, and an XP/SP2 system as the viewer.  I can start the Viewer on the XP/SP2 system, and successfully connect from the Vista system (I see the XP/SP2 system in the 'Connected Clients:' list.  However, I do not see a viewer window open on the XP/SP2 system. 

      Is there a specific version of Java required for SharedAppVNC?  The most recent version of Java on my XP/SP2 system is V6 Update 3.

    • Kot

      Kot - 2008-01-23


      I have tested program with Java Runtime Edition 1.5 and 1.6.
      To start viewer use command like:

      "c:\Program Files\Java\jre1.5.0_06\bin\java.exe" -jar SharedAppViewer.jar -host -port 5900 - ip of server
      SharedAppViewer - you can get here:

  • Amol

    Amol - 2015-09-28

    Do we have support for WIN7 64 BIT?


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