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Wrong were version in installer

there was mistake in ShareazaPlus_2.2.5.6_200902180203 so if you have downloaded installer prior to 2009/02/19, please check version in "About" box. if the about box says "20090124", then the installer is wrong version.

Posted by Mylene Jenius 2009-02-18

for everyone how has installed old versions prior

for every one who has installed shareazaplus- or older as first version. see advanced settings and change value of Gnutella2.KeywordingLevel from 0 to 3 to make it easy to find, fake/spam files on G1/G2 search results. the feature has been implemented long time ago already, but the default value for it has mistakenly set to 0.

meaning of value is.

0= random procedure of below.
1= compatible to Shareaza 2.2.2.x and above.
2= compatible to shareaza and older.
3= ShareazaPlus original implementation.... read more

Posted by Mylene Jenius 2009-02-16

Details of new release on 4-12-08

There has been a new ShareazaPlus release. It should fix a runtime error
that some were getting among many other changes, the most note worthy being:

Bug fixed in SystemLog related to ITMQ.

Addition of PushProxy/Hub list in MatchTip.

Crashing bug fixed when receiving a malformed G1 Query packet.

"Pure Virtual Runtime error" bug fixed.

Boosting of starting up time.

Creation of Linker objects for TCP and UDP... read more

Posted by Datz 2008-04-12