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Compiling Shareaza

Microsoft Visual Studio

  1. Install Visual Studio. Shareaza can be compiled by VS2010..VS2015. . Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition recommended. Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 - any version fit except "Test Professional".

  2. Download and install 7-Zip.

  3. To setup the boost library download it from You will only need to extract the zipped files and NOT compile the library. Uncompress boost_*.7zto a drive/folder on your PC. ie C:\boost

  4. Add Visual Studio Include Directory Path for boost. You need to make sure that Visual Studio is pointing to and including the boost library. Go to Tools -> Options -> Projects and Solutions -> VC++ Directories -> Win 32 - Include Files Make sure the first entry in the list is the path to your boost library. If the entry is not there add it. ie C:\boost Do the same for Tools -> Options -> Projects and Solutions -> VC++ Directories -> x64 - Include Files

  5. Download and install Inno QuickStart Pack Setup (unicode). Make sure you install the "Inno QuickStart Pack" (unicode) not the standard setup/install. The "QuickStart Pack" includes additional components that are required that the standard setup does not include. When it asks you whether you want to download and install additional features be sure to choose yes (to at least ISTool). I am using innosetup-5.5.9-unicode.exe. Also make sure you install Inno on your C drive. I generally install my programs on another drive but found when setting up visual studio last time that the project file used to build Shareaza used a script reference to access Inno. This script assumed that Inno was installed on C drive, so not having Inno installed on C drive caused an error in compiling. To avoid this potential problem I installed Inno on my C drive this time and had no problems.

  6. Download and install TortoiseSVN. Use TortoiseSVN "Checkout" with URL repository to download current code. TortoiseSVN will notify you of updates to the program as they are made available. Please note, the TortoiseSVN required for compilation, Shareaza uses its COM-interface to retrieve source tree revision.

Once all the above is in place you can compile.

Open in VS2015 the following source file \vc14\Shareaza.sln This will open the "Solution" Go into Build -> Configuration Manager and set Shareaza build config eg Configuration = Debug / Platform = Win32 or Configuration = Debug / Platform = x64 Then select "Rebuild Solution" to start to compile At the end of a successful compile you will find a newly compiled installer in \setup\builds folder.

Note: If you try compiling an x64 build on a 32bit machine you will get the following repeated error "Project : error PRJ0019: A tool returned an error code from "Performing registration". This error occurs because you can not register 64bit DLLs on a 32bit machine! It is not advisable to compile a 64-bit build on 32-bit windows, as you cannot test what you are compiling.

Enjoy ;)


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