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Nicolas Chartoire

Tested and working with :

(versions 0.1, 0.2) Chromium/Ubuntu 11.10 ; Firefox 11.0/Ubuntu 11.10
(version 0.3) Chromium/Ubuntu 11.10 ; Firefox 12.0/Ubuntu 11.10
RobotDJ bug for this version spotted, affecting an earlier version of Firefox (which one is not known for sure) : transitions are coming way too often.

Feel free to send feedback about other browsers/OS combinations you tested.

ShanDj log (newest entries first) :

20120427 : release of version 0.3 - new feature : RobotDJ mode (once the playback is launched on both playlists, you can use this feature to continually automatically crossfade from one playlist to the other one, each time after a random interval for which you set min and max value. You'll have to set crossfading duration too). Tested with Firefox 12/Ubuntu and Chromium/Ubuntu.

20120423 : release of version 0.2 - Chromium bug fixed, some misspellings in the user interface corrected.

20120423 : browser compatibility : version 0.1 works well in Firefox 11/Ubuntu 11.10. Does not work with Chromium, same OS. Hope to get this fixed soon.

20120423 : initial release - not meant to work over internet, local use only

Project admins :

Project Admins: