#13 Ripping to discrete MP3s


I pay for a service called Rdio which is excellent, but the proprietary interface is too much to handle. No Genius, no shuffling, etc. However, it streams to Shairport4w easily. Great sound quality and great album art.

You can set the output to either your speakers or the LAME MP3 encoder – except it only streams the entire session, without breaking the songs apart. It actually serves up a notification with beautiful album art and ID3 tag info each time a new song is streamed.

Question: How to recognize when there’s a new song, cut the LAME stream and begin a new one?
Purpose: Recording songs into discrete individual MP3s

Question: How to gather that beautiful album art, ID3 info, and attach it to the LAME arguments.
Purpose : Having files copied ‘verbatim’ from Rdio -> iTunes
Thought: Capture what’s in those notifications and attach it into ID3! LAME can handle all of it

I am very excited about this idea and think that it’s quite feasible. Could someone help out? I can only figure things out logically but I don’t code. :(


  • Frank Friemel

    Frank Friemel - 2013-12-08

    I like this Feature. Came to my mind myself a few months ago. Unfortunately I don't have the time to implement it, currently.

  • Frank Friemel

    Frank Friemel - 2013-12-10
    • private: Yes --> No
  • Schmurtz Schmurtz

    The new Recorder-PlugIn is awesome! Some remarks :
    -The cut made by the Recorder-PlugIn is not very precise if you press "next song" or if you use timeshift (at the beginning of each track I have the end of the last one).
    -If it is not possible to cut with precision in all situation you should include a simple sound editor that allow to see sound graphs like on this picture :
    -The icon to deploy the Recorder-PlugIn panel is not explicit and bugged.
    -What are .spr files ? You should ask in the setup beforce forcing the file association (these .spr are sprites in half life)
    -checkboxs are sometimes hard to click (you have often to click twice)
    -an option to record directly in mp3 without any action is necessary
    -a licence to cut mp3... 6.9€ ... seriously ?
    -I see that you're able to stream to airplay devices now, I submit one idea for another software that allow to stream sound computer to airplay (usefull to play a movie with VLC on your computer and stream the sound to airplay device).

    Last thing : I hope that you'll work on the http server, this functionality will port airplay to all devices that exists because http streaming is universal, using shairport4w like a bridge that transform airplay in http. That functionnality could justify the price of the licence.

    Thank you.


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