Ipod Touch 4G cannot see Shairport4w win 7x64

  • mrfatboy

    mrfatboy - 2011-07-26

    Hey, great program.  My Ipod touch 4g can NOT see shairport4w on my Acer 3600 htpc.  It has windows 7x 64 bit installed.  I have tried turning off the firewalls and also doing the telnet test.  "telnet 5000".  The following message is displayed:

    200 OK
    Audio-jack-status: connected; type=analog

    Bonjour for Windows is installed.  Shairport4w

    However, Shairport4w works perfectly on my Desktop computer with windows7 x64.

    Can anybody shed some light on why it won't work on my Acer 3600?


  • mrfatboy

    mrfatboy - 2011-08-03

    I finally got this working on my Acer 3600 but I don't know what the problem was.  I just reverted back to a full OS back up that I made a week earlier..


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