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Shadows Rising RPG / News: Recent posts

Update September 2005

This is just a short update note. After a three month absence I will be returning to SR development during September. Matt has been working hard on our base system, Q-Site, and I have been working on related projects during this time. Given progress on a MVC model for the Quantum Star SE game, I should get SR to a playable level during October.

Watch out for the October release.

Posted by Pádraic Brady 2005-09-05

Update May 2005

An update for everyone. We are still working on the game, and the next release is scheduled for August 2005. I know this appears a large delay, and there may be an updated version (for testing purposes) a lot sooner.

At present programmermatt is in shackles at the slave pit working on the backend permission system and the forum system ;). I'm working on a few other pieces, but as part of another project (Quantum Star SE - see this project's SF summary at ). Eventually this will add Clans, an updated UI, and a lot of small improvements within the source code to be ported into SR (so the progress is very inter-related).... read more

Posted by Pádraic Brady 2005-05-31

Progress towards v0.0.6 pre-alpha

Given the month period since our prior news item, I decided an update was warranted! Development on SR continues at a steady pace. Earlier this month we drew up a final todo list for 0.0.6, which we steadily completing. Our next release is not yet scheduled, but is definitely going to occur within a month. Our current aim is to bring the game to a near *playable* level - with two final cleanup/polished releases after 0.0.6 before completing our pre-alpha development phase. ... read more

Posted by Pádraic Brady 2005-01-31

Shadows Rising RPG 0.0.5b pre-alpha

0.0.5b is a minor update to correct some small errors, and corrupted files hosted by Sourceforge. The next major version is in development and will be released once ready. Thanks for everyone's feedback and have a great new year!

Posted by Pádraic Brady 2005-01-04

Shadows Rising RPG 0.0.5 pre-alpha

Thanks to programmermatt, Shadows Rising RPG 0.0.5 has now been released to Soureforge. Release notes and changelog are available from File Release list.

As a result of development for 0.0.5 we identified a few areas that need a lot of underpinning before they can be implemented - however the extra work will make our character development system extremely fluid and adaptable.

The dev team is also working on a new permission system. This is partially in the new pre-alpha but is not being made active until finished. I also expect to have another frontend update (to Q-Site 0.3) in the new year or soon thereafter.... read more

Posted by Pádraic Brady 2004-12-23

Shadows Rising RPG 0.0.4c Released

This patch level release focuses primarily on bug fixing and the completion of compatibility fixes for operation under PostgreSQL (tested on Postgres 7.4.6). Locations and travel have also been re-instated. We remain in pre-alpha status and our next major release - 0.0.5 - is due within the next 10 days.

Posted by Pádraic Brady 2004-12-14

SR 0.0.5 pa

This is a short notice to inform everyone that Shadows Rising 0.0.5 will be released within the next week. We currently have two bugs to fix during this time also. As yet, the game remains not playable - but we find the activity surrounding the project to be encouraging. Hopefully our playable Alpha release at Xmas will be well received :).

Posted by Pádraic Brady 2004-11-19

0.0.4b Version Released

Shadows Rising RPG 0.0.4b is now released. This version included an upgraded theme to replace the planning version we used to validate html, and also MapGen, a small terrain map editor. All comment welcome to the forums on our website:

Posted by Pádraic Brady 2004-11-09

0.0.4 released!

See the website or file details for more information!

Posted by Pádraic Brady 2004-10-23

0.0.4 Development Ongoing

I hit a few delays during Sep/Oct with a vacation and a spot of hard work (for my paying job!), but I'm back on part time development - expect a 0.0.4 release in about two weeks.

Posted by Pádraic Brady 2004-10-14

Shadows Rising 0.0.3b committed to CVS

Thanks to programmer_matt, future collaboration between developers will be a lot easier in the future with the recent import of the Shadows Rising 0.0.3b code to the Sourceforge CVS Repository for the project.

To give end-users an additional option of having access to the bleeding edge development code, it is now possible to anonymously export a copy of the CVS source code (keeping in mind it will be mainly be of development quality) as well as accessing regularly scheduled archived versions of the CVS code from the urls listed below.... read more

Posted by Pádraic Brady 2004-09-22

Upcoming 0.0.3b Release

It's quite simple. You release code, people install code, people spot bugs, SOME people report bugs (and very welcome these people are to!).

End result - we make a patched release!

0.0.3b will contain a number of fixes - alos it will carry a fully updated install utility which will be a great help to those having *issues* with the old version.

0.0.4 is still in development - but keep your eyes pealed for a release in another two weeks!

Posted by Pádraic Brady 2004-09-02

Development for 0.0.4

First off, we are still seeking developers! Secondly, work for 0.0.4 is starting up. There was a confusing error in how to run build_world.php to be fixed, plus we have an all new singing and dancing installer to complete and release. All other details on game areas to be added are available from our website's news at

Posted by Pádraic Brady 2004-08-23

Shadows Rising RPG 0.0.3 Released!

This is our first public pre-alpha release. The game is not yet playable but the source code demonstrates the basic game functions implemented to date. It's been two months since this project was established - so the source is progressing well.

We're actively seeking developers, and have posted job requests to that effect. If anyone is interested, then please let me know.


Posted by Pádraic Brady 2004-08-14

Development progressing

We are currently at Shadows Rising RPG Game Engine 0.0.2 pre-alpha. 0.0.3 pre-alpha is due within a week or two. A full Alpha version may be released in the next two to three months - Christmas 2004 is my deadline for a working, playable and stable Alpha Release. The project has undergone quite a substantial amount of change, evolving into a more modular concept with support for multiple RPG Rulesets (e.g. d20 SRD) and and a lot of improved design and presentation concepts and I believe push the envelope just a little more than is usual in an open source PHP game of this genre. Keep in touch and don't forget to visit our website for updates.

Posted by Pádraic Brady 2004-08-03

The Project Commences

As the first news item posted to SF: Shadows Rising in now undergoing planning. For those interested in following, or even joining, development you can keep an eye on our forums now at and our project wiki for planning and documentation - those interested in joining development should contact me or another developer.

Posted by Pádraic Brady 2004-05-20