#11 Highlight plugin issues


For the record, when an action line contains text in
your highlight list, it doesn't actually get
highlighted. (Well, not with it set to match exact
word, no-one's /msg'd me since I turned off match
exact word).

Plus, if I've set "uil" as a match, I get this:

~build gives:

but quilt gives:

Now, I'd like to only match words which actually are
my name. Wildcards in the highlight match list (e.g.
uil*) is the best idea. That would allow uil-bbs, but
not build. To match build, I'd use *uil*.

In fact, just having it automatically highlight lines
with my nick in is even better. But because my name is
prone to being misspelt, uil* is the best solution for

Of course, then, there's the issue whereby someone
might type:

darkbunni/uilleann: <a message>

If '/' is considered a word character, that will fail.
However, seeing as "uilleann" set to whole word match,
matches "uilleann-" (where I see <red>uilleann</red>-)
implies that some other chars than space count as non-
word chars. If '/' does, then it will pick my word out
(I'm on a PC right now, so I can't test that).

Have fun.

- Uil

(and is there a hope of a PPC version of this plug-in
if it is ever modified?)


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