Mercurial Log

Commit Date  
[f990c8] (defaulttip) by shadevampire

BatteryChecker added. |
EasyFileDeleteAndSearch got a nice icon. |
And a bit of reorganization / houskeeping.

2011-10-25 01:03:42 Tree
[0efa9a] by Viktor Benei

New project: EasyAddToStartMenu

2011-01-17 16:46:03 Tree
[83405b] by Viktor Benei

EasyEnvironmentVariableSetter: new feature - Add value to key (besides the previous Set mode) and more error proof file reading
A new project added: EasyAddToStartMenu, work in progress

2011-01-17 16:45:31 Tree
[7bfaba] by Viktor Benei

Other readme changes

2011-01-15 15:32:09 Tree
[5217d2] by Viktor Benei

Mostly Readme and Changes file changes

2011-01-15 14:50:32 Tree
[674e80] by Viktor Benei

EasyFileDeleteAndSearch: Finally select is also in background worker thread, and progress indicator / user action blocking is working.

2011-01-14 14:57:08 Tree
[4b7646] by Viktor Benei

FileSystemCleaner renamed to Easy File Delete And Search
Easy Environment Variable Setter added

2011-01-14 13:16:25 Tree
[1a710f] by Viktor Benei

Revision of Easy File System Cleaner's GUI and mechanism. Plus the first script added: TextFileStatistics. Hurray! :)

2011-01-06 19:31:22 Tree
[37a3e6] by

Some changes in multiple applications and added a new one: Easy Environment Variable Setter. Work in progress.

2011-01-06 01:32:48 Tree
[3978c8] by

Readme changes

2010-12-29 18:02:26 Tree
[a65897] by

Added new specific readmes and one was modified

2010-12-29 18:02:12 Tree
[bf9493] by

BasicSystemInformations added, and directory hierarchy changed

2010-12-29 17:18:39 Tree
[7cae58] by

FileSystemCleaner is added

2010-12-29 17:08:30 Tree
[01c0cf] by

a minor change in DeleteAll

2010-12-29 17:02:52 Tree
[3fa27e] by

delete all added

2010-12-29 16:57:11 Tree

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