You should be able to do:†

mysql> USE sguildb;
mysql> UPDATE version SET version='0.13';

On Thu, Jan 16, 2014 at 4:25 PM, Lay, James <> wrote:

Hi Bamm,

Honestly now Iím not sure L† I got a new machine, so I pretty much copied all the files across to the new machine.† This was working fine on the old machine, so I was thinking this would work.† I am suspecting that I must have downloaded a newer sguild to fix the issue when passing ď-a /opt/etc/snort/sguild/autocat.confĒ, but that must have been 3 years ago.† If nothing else, Iíll wait until the end of the month (for a clear end of month report), blow out the database, use the stock sguild from the tarball (my snort_agent.tcl is the same as from the tarball already).† Iíve symlinked /opt/etc/snort/sguild to /etc/snort/sguild and Iíll change my startup line to reflect that.† Unless thereís some magic I can do to downgrade the current database.† Thanks Bamm.


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