Shhhhh, don't tell Richard or he will give me crap for this not being a 1.0. I am thinking version 0.9.99999999999 is gonna be the bomb.

This release includes some bugfixes, a wizard for adding autocat rules, and an interface for viewing current autocat rules. Event selections are now pushed to all connected clients and the selector's ID is displayed in peers ST column of the selected event. Sending "who" in the User Msgs window will display a list of connected users, their user id, and what event they have currently selected. Custom URLs to open based on the SID can now be defined in your sguil.conf.

Go out and download Sguil 0.9.0. Install it. Test it. Break it. Find some bad guys. And let me know if the clicky clicky no worky worky.


Follow @sguilproject just in case I forget to post info like this. Again.

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