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SDL Game Engine / News: Recent posts

sge-0.9.2 released

Build system fix: Now compiles on linux mint/ubuntu again

Posted by Heiko Irrgang 2012-12-21

sge2d 0.9.1 released

This release adds several string functions, md5 and sha1 hashes and a new command line tool named sgestate, which creates a c++ wrapper for sge2d states.

Posted by Agnostic Entertainment 2011-03-26

sge2d 0.9.0 released

sge2d 0.9.0 is the first stable release of the SDL game engine.

The new release features build support for AROS and MacOSX and provides complete API docs in HTML.

Posted by Agnostic Entertainment 2011-02-27

sge2d switching to subversion

The current development is now taking place via subversion, please check out this version if you have checked out the cvs version.

cvs will be removed once we can do a final check that there has been no changes since the sourceforge incident.

Posted by Agnostic Entertainment 2011-02-02


sge2d is now under active development again.

This is a first maintenance release
- code clean ups
- bugfixes
- support for use in c++ projects (Thanx to ridcully)
- support for AmigaOS 4 (Thanx to Spot / Up Rough)

Posted by Heiko Irrgang 2011-01-22

Snapshot 2008-07-23

- API CHANGE: sgeMakeColor(surface, r, g, b, a);
- new function sgeDuplicateSDLSurface()
- new function sgeChangeSDLSurfaceAlpha()
- sprites now support blitting mixed with pixelwise alpha + overall alpha 0-255
- sprites can now be created directly from a sdl surface
- new function sgeCreateSDLSurface()
- new function sgeSpriteDuplicate()
- bugfix in font reading
- new font retro_big_color
- support for compiling on BeOS
- support for compiling on Haiku

Posted by Heiko Irrgang 2008-07-23

Snapshot 2008-07-12

this version fixes critical bugs in sprite collision detection and adds build support for opensolaris and morphos.

update recommended, as older versions do not detect collision in certain situations

Posted by Heiko Irrgang 2008-07-12

Snapshot 2008-05-30

This release adds several new features and some bugfixes:

- Multiple animations per sprite
- A* pathfinding
- Particle emitters
- More demos
- several new functions and bugfixes

Posted by Heiko Irrgang 2008-05-30

Snapshot 2008-03-23

Another new snapshot.

This release contains a critical bugfix, which makes sga usable for building data files under windows.

Other features:

* bitmap fonts
* sgeGetPixel()
* Auto arrays can free elements by themself
* more demos

Posted by Heiko Irrgang 2008-03-23

New snapshot

The new features are:

* Game States
* Walkpoints for sprites
* New drawing functions: sgeDrawPixel, sgeDrawLine
* Open2x support
* Syllable support

Through game states you can split your game into logical units, like main menu, game loop, load screen, etc. and easy switch between them

Walkpoints allow you to give a list of coordinates to a sprite, which it will automatically walk through at a speed you give it.

Posted by Heiko Irrgang 2007-12-23